Rasheedah Phillips (BlackQuantumFuturism)
»BlackWomxnTemporal [Web] Portal«

Rasheedah Phillips (Black Quantum Futurism) looks at the intersectional temporal experiences of Black women, femmes, girls, and nonbinary people, and the ways in which they are being actively erased from technologically-driven concepts of the future. Their Black Womxn Temporal [Web] Portal reflects on the algorithmic modeling of the seemingly singular, objective, and linear future that dominates Western societies. It counters these suppressive regimes by using the digital medium to instead devise a sustainable, intersectional, and living archive. Black Womxn Temporal [Web] Portal collapses the colonial notion of linear space and time to make experiential a time consciousness in which the present saturates the future, and the future and the past permeate the present.

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