Johanna Bruckner
┬╗Atmospheric Drafts of Intimacy┬ź

Johanna Bruckner turns her artistic lens on the human body in light of its increasing penetration and appropriation by technology and AI systems. In her work Atmospheric Drafts of Intimacy, bodies merge, dissolve, and evaporate with their environments. Considering its post-industrial surroundings, the human scale has been relinquished in favor of states of aggregations, a modular commodity, a cultural artifact. Her filmic collage sharpens our senses for worlds in which humans and more-than-human bodies are entangled, fold over each other, and form new corporealities. The work thereby not only reviews what having a body or being a body means in our technological present; it also becomes a plea to imagination, a catalyst to enable infrastructures that help navigate the synthetic order of this world in a not-too-distant future.

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