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dispersal was made in and with 'Footscray' in the inner west of Naarm. This is Marin Balluk Country, belonging to Wurundjeri peoples of the Eastern Kulin Nation. The digital files that make up this webpage are stored on and pulled from various locations - many of which are named in the source code of this HTML file. I pay my respect and gratitude to the Elders and communities of the First Nations peoples on whose land, water and air this work occupies, and whose resources I consume.

* The information presented here is derived from the maps at Native Land Digital, cross-referenced with data from ipinfo.io and/or the Geolocation API. Note that this is based on your internet service provider's location, and may be incorrect for your actual physical location. This is not authoritative or representative and should be approached critically. Code is adapted from Where Are We, which you can learn more about on GitHub.